If you haven’t heard of DermaSOLVE yet, you probably haven’t been listening! This cream has been making waves in the psoriasis community, and has appeared in over 300 popular media outlets such as US Weekly, OK! Magazine, Rolling Stone, Life & Style and SPIN! We’re here to find out why everyone is so excited over it and whether or not it’s all talk and no substance!

New creams & lotions are a dime a dozen when it comes to psoriasis. They appear on the shelves almost weekly, touting their “new and improved” ingredients. Is DermaSOLVE any different compared to them? Find out below!

What makes DermaSOLVE so special?

The first thing that makes DermaSOLVE really stand out from the crowd is the use of Ovasome® Technology. This is a patented process that is used to incorporatewhole eggs into their products. Yes, the same ones you make scrambled, fried and poached eggs from!

An egg is an amazing thing. One of them has over 70 various vitamins, minerals and proteins inside it. In fact, it has everything a baby chick needs until it hatches. All of that nutritional content also works wonders for the skin.

But before you run off into your kitchen and try rubbing raw eggs into your skin, read on! The molecular structure of the egg is too large for it to penetrate the skin, so you’ll just be wasting an egg if you try to massage it in. This is where Ovasome® Technology comes in, as it is used to break the egg down into a smaller size whilst retaining the benefits of the whole egg.

You might be thinking – how can an egg help psoriasis? Well that’s an eggcellent question! The answer is that it is used in combination with the second thing that makes DermaSOLVE so effective for psoriasis – the use of Salicylic Acid as the active ingredient. Whilst Salicylic Acid is used to exfoliate the buildup of dead cells, the nutritional content of the egg helps to rejuvenate the skin underneath!

This means that DermaSOLVE not only gets rid of the dry plaques symptomatic of psoriasis, but treats the irritated red areas below them too. It is a super combination that is working for a lot of people based on our research. Not only that, but since DermaSOLVE is so gentle on the skin, it can be used on sensitive areas – including the face and down there!