Having known the importance and place of communication- both verbal and expressed,- in a marriage and the signs to watch out for, for breakdown of communication. It is important to know those things that bring about the situation that could lead to conflict in the home. The causes of breakdown in communication in the home are:

1. Lack of sincere forgiveness by partners.

2. Impatience, leading to over-reactions.

3. Constant nagging.

4. Sexual denial.

5. The use of unkind words on your partner.

6. Different educational level (and understanding).

7. Too busy with other things.

8. Long absence of a partner causing loss of intimacy.

9. Lack of courage/boldness.

10. Bottled emotions/anger/bitterness/frustration.

11. Constant intimidation.

12. Selfishness.

13. Use of past mistakes/failures.

14. Stubbornness/ Arrogance.

15. Taking marriage problems outside.

Communication is important to building a happy marital life and home. As such, great efforts must be made to ensure that both parties communicate freely in the home. To make communication easy and to avoid its breakdown, the following acts should be practiced.

1. Playing together (Games, Occasional dance etc).

2. Talking/chatting together.

3. Praying together i.e pray for and with your spouse.

4. Bathing together.

5. Planning things together.

6. Sleeping together ( body odour, snoring, sleeping position)

7. Eating together.

8. Celebrating special dates.

9. Use a good sense of humour.

10. Be sensitive. Respond to your spouse’s mood.

11. Do it for your partner (The nail cutting, zipping the dress, removing the shoes, removing the jacket).

12. Accommodate your spouse’s weakness.

13. Speak out on all issues bothering you. Use the right words, good tone, good expression.

14. Give unexpected phone calls/ cards / notes/ gifts/ text messages.

15. Know and use your spouse’s pet-name. Be fond of your spouse.

16. Be sincere always. When you agree or disagree, let it be. No pretence!

17. Show interest in your spouse undertakings.

18. Go out together.

19. Appreciate yourselves.

20. Periodic exchange of gifts and cards.