The most nutritious as well as tasteful recipes can be made from fruits. As we all know fruit cake is an important delicious recipe and liked by all. You know it is also full of nutrition and other valuable vitamins. Take two oranges and peel them off. Make a paste of 6oz of orange peel. Chop 8oz black resins, 8oz of dates and same amount of cherries. Chop 4oz nuts and same amount of pineapple into bite size pieces. Now combine all the nuts, dates, resins, cherries and pineapple in a bowl. Make a good combination and add one fourth cup of flour over the mixture. Beat three tablespoon of sugar and five eggs and add half cup of honey. Mix in a bowl 6oz of orange peel with half teaspoon of cloves and half teaspoon of nutmeg, then add one and three cups of flour into it and mix it well by pouring the orange juice alternately. Into this smooth paste add the fruit slices and mix it well again. Now bake the mixture in a oven at 275 degree for about four hours. If you have a liking for cold desert then try to make mixed berry popcidle which will give a different taste from your regular pudding or ice cream. What you have to do is to mix three cup berries with one third cup of apple juice and three tablespoon of honey. Then place this mixture in a food processor and blend smoothly, pour the mixture into molds and insert a stick in the mid of every mold. Freeze it until solid and serve it with some pear sauce.

The pear sauce is not very difficult to make, in a sauce pan combine two cup cranberries, one apple finely chopped with two ripe pears and one tablespoon grated orange. Now add somewhere around one teaspoon of cinnamon and one cup of orange juice with one cup of raw sugar into it and heat the pan for ten minutes and few minutes more unless the mixture thickens. So now your topping for your desert is also ready.

If you feel that this cake recipe is time consuming, and then try to make short cut recipes from fruits to add nutrition in your diet. Try to make fruit medley. It is very easy to make, what you have to do is to wash and dry all fruits which are available in your house like for example grapes, pineapple, mango, peach and berries and make them dry. Now add some slices of apple with these fresh cut fruits. Sprinkle little salt, pepper and lemon juice and taste the raw highly nutritious fruit medley.