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Example of a Business Plan Writing: Objectives

Example of a Business Plan Writing

What Is a Business Plan and Its Main Objective?

When you decide to start your own business, it is necessary to understand how you will organize it. And that is the moment when you ask yourself “Do I need a business plan?” To give an answer, we need to understand fully what this definition means.

A business plan is a written document used to describe a proposed venture or idea. It typically includes the current state of a business, future vision for the business, target market analysis and challenges, sales and marketing strategies, and funding requirements to reach stated goals (“Business Plan,” 2009). Continue reading

Business Plan Sample: Diva

business plan sample on diva

Imitation Jewelry Business in India

Executive Summary

The jewellery sector in India summons entrepreneurs due to its stability and a vigorous return on investment. India is world over praised over the magnificent work of its artisans and craftsmen. Export of jewellery was over 2 billion US dollars in 2011. The banking sector as well as the policies and regulations of the Government in India support the jewellery sector significantly. The Indian diamond industry has received up to $3 billion by about 50 banks. Moreover, it is expected that the Indian economy will have a diamond exchange as well. The World Gold Council indicates that India is the largest consumer of gold! In 2009, India’s gold consumption, (mostly jewellery) was down 33% to 480 tonnes as compared to 712.60 tonnes in 2008. Continue reading

Human Resource Plan Example

human resource plan example

Human Resources Management is a very important aspect of an organization’s functions as it ensures that a company’s most valuable resource is properly catered for. Several studies has shown that proper human resource management in an organization is reflected in their many outcomes, hence, Human Resources Managers often adopt “strict” measures in dealings by improving on strategic technology and planning so as to remain relevant among their pers. According to a study by the International Business and Economics Research Journal, the challenges of Human Resources Development stems from the realization that a better Human Resource mean a better organizational performance, albeit they may not have a direct relationship.

Continue reading

Business Plan Sample: TQM

Business Plan Sample


An organization succeeds through the nature of the management. The management may be good or poor. Good managers propel organizations to high prospects. They ensure that the mission and vision is fulfilled. Poor managers affect organizations negatively. They tend to make losses and lead the organizations down the drain. Shurooq being a multi- lineal type of organization requires a high level of managerial expertise. This ranges from skills, professionalism and action. This is because it deals with a lot of tasks which makes it complex to handle. Continue reading