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How to Write a Letter of Complaint + Bonus Letter Sample

You are a lucky person if you have not written a complaint letter in your life, and are not going to write one. However, every person should know how to write a letter of complaint, in various cases. Maybe, tomorrow, you may buy new shoes, or a new gadget, and there may be something wrong with it. It’s just a little inconvenience, or spoilage. So, what do you write and ask for?


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How to Get a Winning Personal Recommendation Letter

Aside from high grades and extracurricular activities, a good personal recommendation letter for college is an important part of the application process. International students should have their accomplishments acknowledged. If you ask your teacher to write you a recommendation letter, you should know the following things.


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How to Write a Cover Letter to Impress the Committee

Okay, so you are about to send your resume to a company, and the only thing that lies between you and the job of your dreams is the necessity to write a cover letter, when you’ve never even seen one. Fortunately, writing a cover letter ain’t some binomial theorem, so it’s not a great obstacle. Just make sure to follow several simple steps listed below, and you’re going to be fine.

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Basics of Writing a Business Letter

Basics of Writing a Business Letter Writing a business letter has two primary goals:

  1. Making readers understand you.
  2. Make people to carry out some action: buy, rent, confirm and even like.

Although there are various reasons why a business letter is written, general guidelines remain the same. There is no reason to worry anymore how to start a business letter, what to mention in its body, how to close a business letter and how to write an address correctly. Our guide will help you to write business letters in the best possible manner. Continue reading

Achieve Success with these Cover Letter Writing Tips

work-overseas-classified-ad-careersWhen in comes to cover letter writing, some start pressing the panic button and some just do not know what to expect from it. Some people think the most difficult part is to send a resume and prepare for a job interview. But the real challenge comes later, when you are required to write a cover letter. You may have heard ideas like there is no need to send such letters anymore, but skipping this step will be considered an act of laziness. It gives you additional chances to get hired – sometimes very high chances. So, get ready to impress your hiring manager following our cover letter writing tips. Continue reading